Noun Cases

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Core Cases Oblique Cases Locative Cases


3.2 noun cases

The ámman îar noun is inflected for case indicated by inflectional markers suffixed to the noun stem. These inflections are geminate in that they duplicate the final consonant of the noun and thus shift the stress toward the penultimate position. The ámman îar case system consists of three sets of case infections:

  1. Core cases that mark the syntactic relation that the core arguments of a predicate exhibit;
  2. Oblique cases that mark secondary relations exhibited by indirect predicate arguments; and
  3. Locative cases that define the spatial relationships of indirect arguments to the predication as a whole.


aldar, tree
core cases inflection singular plural semantics
ergative -e aldarre eldairre tree(s) [A]
absolutive - aldar eldair tree(s) [S/O]


aldar, tree
oblique cases inflection singular plural semantics
dative -on aldarron eldairron tree(s) [IO]
instrumental os aldarros eldairros with tree(s)]
genitive -îon aldarrîon eldairrîon of a tree(s)
abessive -ul aldarrul eldairrul without tree(s)


aldar, tree
locative cases inflection singular plural semantics
illative -al aldarral eldairral into a tree(s)
allative -ial aldarrial alderail toward a tree(s)]
inessive ar aldarrar eldairrar in a tree(s)
adessive -iar aldarriar alderrair at a tree(s)
elative -an aldarran eldairran out of a tree(s)
ablative -ian aldarrian alderrain from a tree(s)
comitative -as aldarras eldairras with a tree(s)