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5.0 names

The nardhoth traditionally take four names:

name description
endar nerrion
 name chosen by the child upon reaching maturity during the ceremony of tular ornethion (coming of age) upon reaching the age of 16;
endar andirrion
 given name chosen by the parents of the child at birth;
endar edairrion
 males take the father's endar nerrion or patronymic (endar adrannion);
 females take the mother's endar nerrion or matronymic (endar amillion)
endar atharrion
clan name
 the father's clan name.

A typical male name might be called:

gáldran ægnor maglorannîon athar sinadhothîon
Galdor ægnor son of Maglor of the Sinad Clan

galdran   ægnor     maglorannion athar sinadhothion.
self-name gift-name patronymic   clan-name         .
Galdor    ægnor     of  Maglor   Clan of Sinad     .

A typical female name might be called:

luthîel elbreth anarîellîon athar balarothîon
Luthiel Elbereth daughter of Anariel of the Balar Clan

luthiel   elbreth   anariellion athar balarothion.
self-name gift-name matronymic  clan-name        .
Luthiel   Elbereth  of  Anariel Clan of Balar    .

 The self-name and parent name are always inflected for gender allowing the stems to be used for either sex, e.g. gáldran (masc) /galdrîel (fem). 


These latter are traditionally translated as gáldran > Galdor and galdrîel > Galadriel



While these names often have no meaning in the contemporary language, they are derived from protolanguage roots and borrowings from the language of the Dunedain.  However, their original meanings are not known to the average nardhoth.  Male gift- and self-names are usually chosen from among those the father's family while female gift- and self-names are typically chosen from among those of the mother's family.  Individuals are free to choose any name for their self-name and many have been known to agonize over this choice for several years before tular ornethîon.


When speaking about someone, as opposed to directly addressing them, the definite article is used with the name, e.g. i gáldran , the Galdor.

Relatives and contemporaries of children use the child's self-name (e.g. gáldran or luthîel).

Unrelated adults when addressing a child use what is called the endar meldarrîon or friend-name.  It is formed by combining the self-name with the gift-name (e.g. gáldran ægnor or luthîel elbreth).

The endar istronnîon (lit. familiar-name) is used by relatives and contemporaries of adults.  It is formed by combining the gift name and the parental name (e.g. ægnor maglorannîon  or elbreth anarîellîon),

Close friends of adults will use just the gift-name (e.g. ægnoran or elbrethiel).

Unrelated older adults and children when addressing an adult will combine the self name, the gift-name and the parental-name (e.g. gáldran ægnor maglorannîon or luthîel elbreth anarîellîon)

The endar valdhillîon (lit. ceremonial name), consisting of the all parts of the name is only used in formal ceremonies.

During my sojourn among the nardhoth I was given the ceremonial name:

curunaran demith meldon îanannîon athar calonothîon  
Gray Wizard David (beloved) son of John of the Bell Clan