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St. Thomas

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St. Thomas is the second largest of the U.S. Virgin Islands.  We docked in the capital city of Charlotte Amalie (named for a Danish Queen).  They drive on the left hand side of the road here, a tradition inherited from the days when they were a Danish dependency.  However, unlike most places that drive on the left, their steering wheels are also on the left.  Driving here would take some getting used to.

Here we took "The Best of St. Thomas" tour.  This was a wonderful 3 hour tour of the island that showed us some of the breathtaking views it has to offer.  From the pier we were driven in a quaint open bus along a skyline drive overlooking magnificent views of St. John and the British Virgin Islands.  We could see Charlotte Amalie nestled below.  Then on up to "The Top" which revealed a fabulous view of Magens' Bay Beach below.  Continuing on we visited St. Peter Great House which was formerly a private hideaway for the super rich now open to the public.   From the observation deck of Great House, 1,000 feet above the ocean, we enjoyed a panoramic view of over 20 other Virgin Islands.  A quick stop for some shopping at a local market and then back to the ship.

Our Tour Bus

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Our tour bus.  The "air conditioning" worked best when the bus was moving :-). 

On the Way to "The Top"

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Climbing up, up, up... 

Marlis considering an alternate mode 
of transportation up to the top.  
Here she is trying a burro named Doris Day.

Skyline Drive

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A Panoramic View

Magen's Bay

Charlotte Amalie

A panoramic view halfway to the top. The heart-shaped beach in Magen's Bay. The m.s. Fascination docked at the Port of Charlotte Amalie.

St. Peter Great House

Estate St. Peter Great House & Botanical Gardens
Classic Caribbean great house and lush tropical gardens.
Art exhibits and stunning down island views.

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Views from the observation deck of the Great House.  You can see some 20 other islands from the three level observation decks on this 3-acre estate.  The house was twice destroyed by hurricanes, Hurricane Hugo in 1989 and Hurricane Marilyn in 1995.  It has since been completely rebuilt.

Other Virgin Islands

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On our way down, we caught glimpses of some of the smaller Virgin Islands.

Monumental Rum Bottle

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A monument to the favored drink of the Caribbean found where we stopped for a bit of shopping.