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Unlike most of the other islands we visited, Barbados is relatively flat with most of it covered by acres of impenetrable sugarcane.   As this was to be our last port of call before returning to San Juan, we spent the morning doing some shopping to fill out our souvenir list.  Here we discovered Calypso Rum Cake.  Hmmm.  This stuff is to die for.

The highlight of our tour in Barbados was Harrison's Caves.  The drive to the caves took us past Warren's Great House and the Sharon Moravian Church which dates back to the 1700's.  Once at the caves, we descended in electrically powered trams.  Although not as colorful as some other caves we have visited (Luray Caverns in Virginia and the Tropfsteinhoehle in Germany) they did present some interesting formations.

Harrison's Caves

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Marlis looking sexy in her protective helmet 
just before our descent into the caves.

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Marlis looking sexy in her straw hat 
after coming out of the caves

Aboard the Jolly Roger

We didn't make this trip but our dinner companions John and Gill, Bruce and Suzi, Dave and Mary did.  Here are some shots aboard (or more correctly overboard) taken by Bruce and Suzi. 

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That's Bruce in the first shot, John in the second and Suzi in the last.  Gill, Dave and Mary were apparently too busy getting punch refills.

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John and Gill aboard the Jolly Roger

John claims "Too much Punch!"  At least that's what he's been telling Gill.  Suzy, John and Mary