Littlest Conlanger

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Littlest Conlanger

ámman îar
Littlest Conlanger

The Littlest Conlanger

Delaney Bell

My brother Tony lives on the west coast and I live on the east, so we only get to see each other one or two times a year.  On his last visit east, he shared with me his granddaughter's spontaneous efforts at conlanging.  Although she was unaware that she had a great-uncle who shared her "secret vice", when my brother informed her that I too create languages, she insisted that he show me some of her work (see below).  What I found most interesting about the sample shared with me was the apparent consistency of the words.  These were no random collection of sounds, nor mere borrowings from her mother tongue.  They clearly looked as if they were part of a family of words.  Although currently confined to word creation, at age 6 she is well on her way to earning the title of "Littlest Conlanger".  Keep up the good work Delaney.  I will be following the development of your efforts with interest.