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conlang list : General discussion of constructed languages:

Purpose: Devoted to the discussion of "constructed" or "artificial" languages for general communication. It is essentially concerned with creative linguistics and not such formal languages such as programming languages or mathematical notation, except as they may relate to a proposal for a method of communication. Since many constructed languages have a fictional background, this description is complicated by not being able to use possible descriptive terms such as "human language" which would be descriptive, if it were not prejudicial to the Alien conlangs. The reasons for constructing languages cover a wide range of reasons, from proposals to enhance international communication, to the creation of more logical languages to enhance thinking or specialized forms of communication, to exploring linguistic theory through model-building, as background for fictional creation, as art for art's sake, and just for fun. 

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auxlang list : General discussions of proposed auxiliary languages:

Purpose: Devoted to discussions of the merits and practicality of particular International Auxiliary Languages -- languages intended to enhance international communication. Since this topic inspires great devotion and frequently also inspires high volumes of debate about the merits and drawbacks of particular languages like Esperanto, the discussion especially of the political, and strategic questions of IALs has been moved to AUXLANG. Auxiliary languages are not banned from the more general discussion on CONLANG, but the discussion's significance should extend beyond the IAL community. For example, a discussion of ergative case marking applied to Esperanto might be interesting to the general community -- a lengthy discussion of the merits and disadvantages of having case markings in an IAL would not be. For more general discussion of constructed languages, see Conlang (on the same server).

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tolklang list : Discussion of Tolkien's languages:

Purpose: Discussions of the linguistic aspects of J.R.R. Tolkien's works. This covers everything from Elvish vocabulary and grammar to his use of Old English. The list is (lightly) moderated. 

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elfling list : Discussion of Tolkien's languages:

Purpose: The Elfling list exists to further the scholarly study of the languages invented by JRR Tolkien. The list, despite its title, is not specifically limited to Elvish languages; discussion of Mannish and Dwarvish tongues, of the so-called "minor" languages, and of proto-languages derived by reconstruction based on the published languages, is encouraged.

Tolkien is the one language creator in modern times, and probably in all times, about whose language creations there is a large body of printed sources; there is also a vast body of material in autograph manuscript that has not as yet been made available for study outside a closed circle of people, and which still awaits scholarly publication. The Elfling list, therefore, also discusses the current state of researches into Tolkien's linguistic creations.

The list operates under the belief that the created languages of Tolkien fully merit scholarly and technical study as language systems in their own right, and as an outstanding example of language-creation for aesthetic and artistic purposes (glossopoesy), quite apart from the study of Tolkien's work within the field of literary criticism. While the technical study of Tolkien's created languages may be of little interest to the reading public, it has great value for linguistics and the history of ideas alike, two fields that have been largely neglected in Tolkien studies.

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quenya language list : Practice reading/writing Quenya

Purpose: This is a group for people to practice reading and writing in Quenya (and for other people to correct them). If you post to this group, please do so in Quenya, using English only for comments and explanations. And "Nai i kwet ayan eledion nuve tur!" ("Be it that the holy tongue of the Elves be the victor!")

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langmaker cafe list :

Purpose: This mailing list is a companion to the LangMaker Model Languages web site, and provides a forum for people who are interested in invented languages (such as Tolkien's Elvish languages, Klingon, Esperanto, Nadsat and others) to talk about anything they wish. If you like fiction with model languages, like linguistics or history in general, this list is for you.

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tlhIngan-Hol list : Discussions about the Klingon language

Purpose: To use and discuss the Klingon Language (tlhIngan Hol), which was constructed by Dr. Marc Okrand for use in Star Trek films and television series. Klingon is studied both from an artistic perspective as well as from a linguistic perspective, as a linguistically interesting constructed language for a fictional culture. Complete beginners are welcome and very much present, as are more experienced speakers.

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lojban language list : Discussions about the Lojban language

Purpose: To use, discuss, and contribute to the development of the constructed human language called Lojban (known in earlier versions as Loglan). Lojban has a grammar based on predicate logic, and vocabulary built from the six most widely spoken human languages. It is intended as a tool for experimental linguistics, as a medium for communication with computers, and as a possible international auxiliary language. List participants range from novice to skilled. Up to 50% of list traffic is in the Lojban language. Novice questions are welcomed.

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láadan list : Discussions of S.H.E.'s Láadan 

Purpose: The Láadan List exists to teach Láadan to those interested in learning the basics of this constructed women's language. Láadan is featured in Suzette Haden Elgin's three books, the Earthsong Trilogy.

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NGL list : Discussions and development of The Next Generation Language

Purpose : The Next Generation Language. This is a new artificial spoken language being cooperatively developed by an informal group by means of the internet. The language is designed to be useful as a primary language and is not an international-auxiliary language (unlike e.g.: Esperanto). This list has only one rule: post about NGL language, and/or post using NGL language. Content of messages posted using NGL language is unrestricted.

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ido list : Discussions of the auxlang Ido

Purpose: This list is for those who wish to know about the language problem and its solution in Ido. Questions about la linguo internaciona (the international language) are welcome. Languages used: English (and Ido).

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noviali liste : Diskusione Novialim

Purpose: Es novi liste por diskusione novialim e pri Novial e li Novialides. 

Por abona, senda mesaje a  kel lekte "subscribe novial Men Nome", e chanja "Men Nome" a vun nome. 

linguist list : Discussion of linguistics for professional linguists

Purpose: The LINGUIST list is a list designed for professional linguists. It is international in orientation, and maintains a number of World Wide Web Sites for the discipline.

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lingusitics list : General discussion of linguistics

Purpose : An unmoderated mailing list for discussing all aspects of linguistics. So if you want to talk about language acquistion, philosophise about the nature of linguistics or just get your own particular pet peeve about language off your chest, this is the place. English is the preferred language, whilst straying into others. No particular level of knowledge or experience is required either - whether you're an esteemed professor or a chimp who wants to prove you *do* have language, thanks, this list is for you!

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languagedump list :  General Discussion of language related topics

Purpose: For language enthusiasts, this list is composed of members of several language-related mailing lists. Most of those lists, however, restrict discussion to specific languages or language groups. Frequently, topics for discussion which are initially pertinent lead to other topics which, though interesting to many list members, are clearly off-topic for that list. Of course, individual list members can pursue these topics off-list, but this limits the input to only those persons who are aware that the discussion is going on. LanguageDump@onelist can serve as a "dumping-ground" for such topics. We'll accept submissions from any language-related list where topics stray to unrelated (linguistic) areas. Just refer other interested list members to the LanguageDump list. Submissions may be made in any language accepted on the referring list.

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conculture list : Discussion of constructed cultures.

Purpose: An offshoot of the conlang list, designed for the discussion of constructed cultures.

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usenet newsgroups

alt.language.artificial newsgroup is for discussion of constructed languages.

sci.lang newsgroup is for general discussion of language and linguistics.