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A Recent Trip to New Jersey

On the weekend of December 9th and 10th, Marlis, my Mother and I drove up to New Jersey from Virginia to visit with my Daughter Kiri and Son-in-Law Brian.   Our little expectant mother, Kiri, looked absolutely radiant.  Brian fixed us all a great gourmet meal and later my brother John his wife Michele and son Michael stopped by for a visit.  Here are a few shots from our visit.

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Dscn0043.jpg (90575 bytes)

Dscn0044.jpg (50861 bytes)

Our radiant little 

Posing for "Future Parents 
of the Year" Award.

Dscn0048.jpg (84664 bytes)

Dscn0050.jpg (102189 bytes)

Relaxing after 
a great meal.

Brian relaxing 
by the fire.

Dscn0049.jpg (97524 bytes)

Dscn0046.jpg (113347 bytes)

My brother 
John joins us.

Michele comforts 
her son Michael 
who is not feeling well


Sunday in Lambertville

On Sunday morning we traveled down to quaint little Lambertville where we stopped at the Full Moon Cafe for a breakfast of omelets to die for (I had a Portobello and Brie omelet... ummmm).

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lambertville1.jpg (620832 bytes)

lambertville6.jpg (633928 bytes)

The crew grinnin' n profilin'

lambertville5.jpg (375321 bytes)

lambertville4.jpg (709264 bytes)

Brian and Kiri revisit the scene
of Brian's marriage proposal
The re-enactment.  Somehow Kiri
doesn't look so surprised this time.

lambertville2.jpg (930267 bytes)

lambertville3.jpg (466740 bytes)

Strolling through Lambertville Next time you see this guy
he'll be pushing a double stroller.

Wait a Minute! - Where's My Wife?

What!  Not a single picture of my gorgeous wife?  I know she was there because I sat beside her at breakfast.  That must be her behind the camera!  Try turning your computer around and maybe you can see her if you look from behind these photos.  Yep, there she is.

Marlis.jpg (117979 bytes)