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Akira Bell

This is a tribute to David Bell, a father, husband, and loving Pop Pop David who was taken from us far too early. We keep this site alive in honor of him, to keep us close to him, and to allow others to get a quick glimpse of who he was. He will forever be in our hearts.

-Akira Bell Johnson

"Wisdom begins in wonder" - Socrates

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As can be seen by the menu above, the Wizard's interests are somewhat eclectic.  


I have been a practitioner of the "Secret Vice" of constructing languages since I was a lad many, many years ago.  Much of this site is devoted to documenting the languages that I have created.  

Amateur Astronomy

While amateur astronomy is a relatively new hobby for me, I am no less enthusiastic about it.  There are currently but few pages here devoted to my new found fascination with the heavens, but I fully expect that, like the universe itself,  these too will expand with time. 

Model Railroading

I became a Model Railroad enthusiast as a child when my parent's bought me my first set of Lionel trains.  I have been fascinated by the hobby ever since.  While I do not currently have a layout assembled, I have done a significant amount of work in designing my dream N-scale empire.  If I can but find the room and the resources in time and money, that empire will one day rise from my dreams to operational reality. 

Men of Science

A personal tribute to some mental giants that have influenced my life.

Other Interesting David Bells
A page of links to other David Bells and the interesting things they are up to.
JRR Tolkien

While my fascination with the works of JRR Tolkien are not unrelated to my interests in constructed languages, it also is a part of my more general interest in fantasy literature.  While this site currently only deals with Tolkien, I expect to add information about some other of my favorite fantasy authors including Ursula LeGuin, Robert Jordan, Terry Goodkind and David Eddings.  See "Worlds of Imagination" below.  Newly added to this section are pages dealing with Tolkien's Quenya and Sindarin.


I have been employed in the Information Technology industry for more years then I care to remember, but computers and computer software have always been for me as much of an avocation as they have been a vocation.  These pages will serve to express those avocational interests.


I have been a devotee of wines for most of my adult life.  For both my wife and I, wine has become an important part of the quality of our lives.  These pages will share our experiences with you.

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