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Other Interesting David Bells

This page contains links to other David Bell's that have a web presence and seem to be involved in interesting things.  I thought about adding this page after receiving the following email from a friend:

> From: John Cowan
> Sent: Wednesday, September 13, 2000 5:53 PM
> To: dbell@graywizard.net
> Subject: David E. Bell dies
> I was quite shocked by my first glance at this article in Tuesday's New York Times:
> # David E. Bell, Budget Director For Kennedy, Is Dead at 81
> #
> # David Elliott Bell, who was President John F. Kennedy's director of
> # the Bureau of the Budget and then his administrator of the Agency for
> # International Development, died on Wednesday at his home in
> # Cambridge, Mass. He was 81. The cause was leukemia, ...

Civil War Union General David Bell Birney
d_b_birney.jpg (10562 bytes) Information on Civil War Union General David Bell Birney who came from a southern but strongly anti-slavery family

Farmer Dave Bell's Web Page

 Here's a page belonging to an English farmer who happens, coincidentally to be a member of the Tolkien Society.

David Bell - Baseball Player
I'm not really into baseball, but here's a Seattle Mariner's player with my name.

David Bell - Hockey Player
dbell2.jpg (7603 bytes) I'm not a hockey fan either, but here's a Miami Falcons' player with my name.

A Theory on the Origin of Life by David Bell
This David Bell, a retired engineer, suggests a mechanism of a single dynamic event by which DNA might have been instigated by alpha radiation.  Interesting read, this.

The Home Page of Dr David Bell
davidrbell.jpg (94806 bytes)
Home of "Bell Labs". Dr Bell is on the faculty of the Department of Life Sciences at Nottingham University.

Chairman and CEO of True North Communications

Chairman and CEO of True North Communications.  Hobnobbin' with the Goobersmoochers!!

David Bell Gold Mine
dbmine.jpg (4502 bytes) Not sure how this gold mine got its name. The mine and plant facilities are located 260 km east of Thunder Bay, Ontario and just north of Lake Superior.

David Bell & Company
daytime.jpg (30931 bytes) Surveyers, Valuers and Estate Agents. Gotta love that sign.

David K. Bell - Messengers-at-Arms and Sheriff Officers

Basically process servers, but you gotta love that title.

Dr David Bell's Lecture on Myalgic Encephalomyelitise
Lecture given by Dr. David Bell is a world renowned Pediatrician, working in New York who has studied ME for 15 years, has published widely and lectured all over the world.

David Ingalls Bell and Conway's Game of Life
portrait.jpg (20934 bytes) Author of a number of articles on Conway's Game of LIfe.

David R. Bell, Associate Professor - Wharton Marketing Faculty
bell.gif (17665 bytes) Current projects include a theory of menu-dependent choice and preference, multivariate consumer choice and evaluation of product portfolios, a theory of customer and brand value and empirical generalizations in marketing.