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Resources on the Web

The Tolkien Timeline
The Last Homely House
Tolkien's Oxford
The Internet Tolkien Book Society Page
The Tolkien Collector Resources Page
The Numenor Chronology
Who is Tom Bombadil?
Elves in Tolkien and Folklore
Music In Middle Earth
Commentary on Songs and Poems


Dan Smith's Fantasy Fonts

Personal Pages

Bill Rowe's "Gandolf" page
Bo Dahlstrvm's Tolkien Page
Bryce Kered Nielsen's Tolkien Page
Busia's Tolkien Page
Daniel Westlund's Tolkien Page
David Lenanders's Tolkien Page

A Wonderful New Site ~ Ardalambion


Der Drach's Tolkien Page

Drazen Rozga's Tolkien Page

Eric Tracy's Tolkien Page

Erik Berg's Tolkien Page

Erik Lidälv's Tolkien Page

Fabio Pasian's Tolkien Page

Frank Botnevik's Tolkien Page

Frodo's Tolkien Page

Greg Graham's Tolkien Page

Gregg Donaldson's Tolkien Page

Guile's Tolkien Page

Gus Gutoski's Tolkien Page

Hayes's Tolkien Page

Howard Cohen's Tolkien Page

Jeremy E. Beker's Tolkien Page

Jim Ludwig's Tolkien Page

John Becker's Tolkien Page

Jostein Soiland's Tolkien Page

Leonid Taychers' Tolkien Page

Mark Frankenfield's Tolkien Page

Marcus Lttke's Tolkien Page

Michael Mullins' Tolkien Page

Michael Shaw's Tolkien Page

Moredhel's Tolkien Page

Paul Hill's Tolkien Page

Robert Johnson's Tolkien Page

The Rolozo Tolkien Page

Roman Ptashka's Tolkien Page

Ronny Dahl's Tolkien Page

Samuel's Luthien and Beren Shrine

Seong-ick Moon's Tolkien Page

Tom Rayner's Tolkien Page

Turin Turambar's Tolkien Page

Widar Pastoor's Tolkien Page


Adam Trojanowski's Tolkien Gallery

Josh Pomeroy's Tolkien Gallery

A Portrait

Leonid Korablev's Tolkien Gallery

Cyril Slobin's Tolkien Gallery

A Tengwar graphic

The Hamburg Tolkien Archive.

Sunet Tolkien APicture Archive

Jarkko Lavinen's Tolkien Image Gallery

Jim Ludwig's Tolkien Page

Jason Braun's Tolkien Gallery

Bruce Jewell's Tolkien Page

Michael Mullins' Tolkien Page

The Brother's Hildebrandt Page

Csabai Attila's Tolkien Page

The Alan Lee Image Archive

The Tolkien Picture Archive at Moscow State University

The Interactive Middle-Earth Map

A Guided Tour Of Middle-Earth

The Tolkien Image Library

The 1991 John Howe Tolkien Calendar


The Tolkien Language List Archive

A Tengwar graphic

The Linguist's Resources Page

Vinyar Tengwar

The Elvish Linguistic Fellowship

Arda Annual

The Tengwar Index

The Cirth Index

Parma Eldalamberon

The Lord's Prayer in Quenya

Kasper de Jonge's Tolkien Languages Page


Arda Annual

Beyond Bree

Endor Magazine

Parma Eldalamberon


Vinyar Tengwar


The Tolkien Society

The Mythopoeic Society

The Rivendell Group

Taruithorn, the Oxford Tolkien Society

Taruithorn International

The Gothenburg Tolkien Society

The Finnish Tolkien Society

The Czech Tolkien Society

The Stockholm Tolkien Society

The Norwegian Tolkien Society

Unquendor, the Dutch Tolkien Society

The Internet Tolkien Book Society

The Green Street Tolkien Society

The Mellon Internet Society

The Swedish Angmar Malmoe Tolkien Society

The French Tolkien Society