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Sam and E.J. in the Hospital

Sam and E.J. were six weeks early and so had to spend their early weeks in the hospital.  Although Ethan had a rough start breathing and had to have some help from the neonatologists, by the end of the first day he was breathing on his own with only some help regulating the percentage of oxygen he took in with an instrument called CPAP.  Although Samantha had no problems breathing, she was also connected to the CPAP for precautions. By the second morning Ethan had pulled off his CPAP, so the nurses let him trial without it and he did fine. Samantha followed the next day.  They both took feedings from a tube and IV since sucking from a bottle can take more calories than the milk provides.   

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Ethan hooked 

in incubator

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Ethan sunbathing Samantha chillin

They both did very well, soon surpassing their birth weights, they recovered nicely from the initial weight loss in the first few days.  Needless to say, Brian and Kiri were anxious to have them home, but before they could go home they had to reach 4 lbs, be able to regulate their feeding times and quantities, and maintain their own temperatures.

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with Samantha

The Perfect Pair

with Ethan