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Northern Virginia Astronomy Club (NOVAC)
Astronomy Magazine
Sky and Telescope Magazine
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Amateur Astronomy
I've found several useful tips for the beginner trying to find his/her way around the sky at this site.
Adventures in Astronomy
This site is designed for anyone interested in Astronomy or Space Exploration. It provides various links to sites that allow you to find just about anything about Astronomy.
The Observer's Website
Good observation tips.

Jeff Bondono`s Home Page

This site has everything.  Over a thousand categorized links about amateur astronomy.

Ok, I've Got a Small Telescope...Now What?

If you're new to astronomy, just bought your first telescope or wonder what's up in the sky, Ben Motisher has put together a comprehensive page for the backyard astronomer.

Here's What's Up This Month

A day by day account of what can be found in the current month's sky.

Skywatching Center - Tonight's Sky

Another day by day account of what can be found in the current month's sky.


An excellent general astronomy site. There's a lot of good information here, some great photo galleries of deep sky objects, and on-line, interactive quizzes.


This site presents everything you ever wanted to know about the Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence. Here you can find tons of information on the new field of astrobiology, along with news, numerous resources, and a growing list of links.

Astronomy On-Line

A wealth of information about all things astronomical.

Yahoo Astronomy Online Club

Post messages, browse photos, or chat with members.

Yahoo SETI Club

This is a great place to post messages and chat with those who are interested in the serious side of Drake Equation Science.

Yahoo Deep Sky Observer's Club

A way for DSO aficionados to network, share information, post sketches and images, and have a good time in general.

The New Millennium : 30th December, 2000 AD 

An excellent explanation of why the new millennium is neither Jan. 1, 2000 nor Jan. 1, 2001, but Dec. 30, 2000.

Cool Astronomy Links!

For Beginners....
Astronomy - What's UP This Month ?? -- A great review of what the sky has in store for the current month.
Sky & Telescope and Astronomy -- Two great amateur astronomy magazines with a lot of great info!
Sunrise Sunset Calendar -- Calculate the Sunrise/Sunset anywhere, any day!
StarMap  -- Print out a star chart for any place on Earth, any night. Includes planet positions, moons, and Lunar Phases.
Interactive Solar System -- See where the planets are today! /td>
NASA - JSC Digital Image Collection Home -- A greaet collection of NASA images.
History of Astronomy -- Get to know some of the people and places in astronomical history.
The Enterprise Mission - The Pioneer Plaque -- See images of the actual plaque carrying the message of humanity out into space!
Virtual Trips to Black Holes -- Ever wanted to dive into a black hole? If you were ever unlucky enough to do so, this might be what you'd see.
SEDS Internet Space Warehouse  -- Everything you ever wanted to know about space, space exploration, and the planets.
STScI/HST Public Information -- Take a look through the Hubble!
The May 5, 2000 Planetary Alignment And Its Destructive Potential  -- A scientific view of why it will have none.

A Little More In-Depth....

Eric's Treasure Trove of Astronomy -- Brief definitions and derivations for everything from Absolute Magnitude to Zodiacal Light.
Positional Astronomy -- An excellent set of lecture notes on Spherical Trigonometry, Coordinate Systems, Siderial Time, Parallax, Calendars, and more!
Usenet Relativity FAQ -- Everything you ever wanted to know about Relativity!
Usenet Astronomy FAQ -- All the answers to the most frequently asked astronomy questions!
Extrasolar Planets Encyclopaedia -- Get the lowdown on all of the extrasolar planets yet discovered! /font>
Near-Earth Asteroid 3753 Cruithne  -- Learn about this bizarre asteroidal companion to the Earth!
SkyView Virtual Observatory -- Name them an object or provide some co-ordinates, and they'll give you the sky.

Primary Sources For Professionals....

Simbad Astronomical Database -- Find up-to-date data on almost any object in the sky.
NED -- Find data on extragalactic objects specifically tailored for extragalactic astronomers.
The NASA Astrophysics Data System Home Page -- Look up and download astronomy journal articles.
Astro-ph -- See journal articles before they're even published!